Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal | Issue 2  - What is the opposite of an exodus? 

Under the Radar Magazine | Issue 25 - 10 things we are trying to say to each other

30 synonyms for Emerging | Hippodrome Young Poets anthology (Verve Press, 2019) - Ghazal and [untilted]

Burning House Press | Altered States edition edited by Yanina Spizzirra - The sun, who stole my secret to raise me

Wild Dreams & Louder Voices - Poetry Jam anthology (Verve Press, 2018) - dis black womanhood 

RSC's Bright Smoke commissioned piece (2019) - To the ones who chose silence


Cosmopoetica poetry reading for the 16th edition of the literary festival | Sep 2019 - Cordoba, Spain

Translated poems for Colombian magazine Arcadia | December 2018

photocredit | cosmopoetica

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