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2020 | how i manifest and set intentions for the new year

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment.| how i manifest and set intentions for the new year.

hello loves.

happy new year (almost). wouldn’t be me without a final reflective post of the year and decade. i’m very excited for 2020. and equally very grateful for 2019 and all the lessons. i’ve had a greater year than i prayed for and i’m not going to ignore the fact that everything i manifested i received. (i’m talking international poetry, more gigs, gifted travel posts and more). for most of december i’ve spent time meeting up with friends and speaking life into the year i’d like to live. i wanted to share it on the blog. document my process for intention setting and manifestation so we can enter 2020 as powerful manifestors.

how I manifest 

a 2020 view

why i manifest –

it is part of who i am to look forward to things. i am very future-orientated (i am practicing being present) and i’ve always made space for my visions. as part of my intentional living practice, i like to pay attention to the visions and not keep them as dreams. i.e. i think power into the dreams. i.e. i manifest.

when i say manifest i mean: i think it into existence/ i commit it to God / i put it on a vision board/ i observe that vision board every morning as routine / i create affirmations around it/ i put it in my daily prayer and thank God prematurely for it / i visualise myself receiving it / i meditate on it / i force out negative thoughts around it / i humbly expect and invite it.

how i manifest –

i have multiple ways that i manifest and i’ve developed most over the last few years. i’m also surrounded by amazing women who encourage and remind to manifest my dreams. my best friend and i manifest and set intentions each month. i do have to first start by reminding that this principle of manifestation is not new. it is just a magic we forget we possess due to the western world thinking that we let dilute us. i remind us of this:

ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

manifestation is a part of how i connect with what i’m being called to. i’m forever inspired by the power of words and the power of the tongue. and if Yah authorises and teaches it, run with it sis.

first step is to remove negativity. shed fear, shed guilt, shed doubt. hold on to the idea that you deserve what you’re manifesting. believing that it is coming. X is coming, X is coming, X is coming. repeat until you get excited about it.

once you have invited what you’re manifesting, find balance. i’ve found that there is no use in desperately manifesting. no point in doing it as a chore. also useless to do so mindlessly and without putting in the work or making the space. i try to find the balance between not waiting desperately but not being negligent towards it.

next, create space in your morning routine to welcome your manifestation. an intentional morning routine is the key to a healthy start to the day. i like to start the day with three things i’m grateful for. this is a nice way to start the day soft, expressing gratitude for what you know is coming. i also read over my vision board each morning, read my affirmations and incorporate my positive visualisation when i reach a certain street on my way to work. the way it works: when i reach that street i start thinking about my manifestations and prayers and hopefully finish my manifestation routine by the time i reach my office. there is always time when you want there to be.

as a writer, my favourite part of manifesting is writing it down. i believe in the power of the tongue but also of the written word. it helps it to become on the page. journalling and journal prompts help you elaborate your manifestation. i appreciate (damn near look forward to) these new moon/full moon journal prompts by @womanwriting. you can leave post-stick notes in necessary points around the house. i currently use the fridge, i used to use my bedroom mirror and i’m loving the spot by the front door (first thing i see as i return home).

i believe that discrepancy is key. i enjoy sharing but not too much and not too soon (scorpio moon behaviour). i also believe that a final way to materialise your dreams is to speak as though it has already happened. i mean in places you trust. tell people who can hold you accountable and celebrate with you what your plans are. it goes back to that first rule; invite and be humbly expectant.

2020 manifestations –

for me and my understanding of the bible, the new year begins in spring when the most high makes everything new (exodus 12:2). i still appreciate the opportunity to refresh in january with capricorn energy prompting structure, hard-work and nurturing behaviour. that being said, my 2020 manifestations are going to be wild. nothing less.

i offer myself a theme for the year, a word for the year and my goals, intentions, visions and manifestations. i manifested that 2019 was going to be the year of the life i deserve, everyone i gained/lost and the experiences i held close and lessons i learnt was all part of that. meditate on and manifest the year you should have. i also ask for the verse of the year and am guided/reminded of that throughout the year. here is what we’re manifesting in 2020:

personal manifestation: increase my streams of income, secure my TEFL certificate, invite the kind of love Yah and i discussed (+ more that i will show and tell later)

travel manifestation: more solo travel, more travel resources, more spanish, more prep for eventually living abroad.

poetry manifestation: publication(s) multiple times in multiple places.

book manifestation: i’ll be reading more fiction and more poetry and i’ll do so with a book club starting in feb god-willing…

thank you for reading what i write. i hope you’re easing your way into 2020. whatever you’re calling into your manifested future, i pray you have the confidence to invite it. and genuinely believe you deserve it. comment below what you’re manifesting. Yah bless.

Amara Amaryah.

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