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6 Black British Bloggers from the #BBBMixer in Birmingham

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


i’ve come to share all of the glitter from the Birmingham black british bloggers BBB Mixer. Dust your mobile/ laptop screens because it is plentiful. You’re welcome. But honestly. It was so necessary.  I said that in the write up post, but I’m going to properly demonstrate the range and variety of bloggers and content creators that we’re hiding up here in the midlands.  And none of us had to pay big money and trek to London for this opportunity to connect with other equally dope bloggers and content creators. Massive thank you to the Black British Bloggers platform for that. (but i definitely will be passing through for the London BBB Mixer on 18th August so yay).

IMG_9946 (1)

6 Black British Bloggers from Birmingham…

The Black British Bloggers platform has helped many of us feel entitled to our space in this content creator game. This entitlement means that we are all taking up all of our space and being bold with how we tell our stories. Here are some black british bloggers from BRUM you should know about:

Blessing – @bloomglo.w

Blessing is a gorgeous spirit and the person i speak to for ages about all of life basically. We speak for ages about self care and candles and embracing sexuality, mental health in black households and maintaining spiritual and mental strength during University. And then i discovered that she was a self-care and lifestyle blogger. There isn’t a way possible to wander around her blog and not feel cared about or spoken to or prayed for. It really is a space to pick up new affirmations and reconsider how well you are speaking to yourself. the actual blog is being redeveloped but the IG page serves just as well in the meantime!

IG: bloomglo.w - Black British Blogegers

Ash –

Ash is so cool. We properly speak at the end of the event, but i resonated a lot with her as a blogger and a woman. Her content is focussed a lot on travel, lifestyle and politics. For example, one of her most recent posts discusses Gentrification in Birmingham and it is thought pieces like these which encourage open discussion which i really admire. Ash’s pieces feel so tailored to the reader: the aim is to make you leave the blog and feel entitled to rearrange the way you view the world a little bit. this post on being a sensitive person definitely spoke very loudly to me.

IG: ashalves_ - Black British Bloggers

Jaydee – jaydeesays and youtube

At the start of the day, we were both outside doing test shots and trying to make sure our cameras were behaving before the event began. no better way for bloggers to bond tbh. Once we got inside and started doing the black british bloggers bingo i realised that Jaydee is a fitness and natural hair blogger/ youtuber. Her posts give me so much life and fitness inspo and her natural hair documentation is beautiful. go follow her on everything x

IG: jaydeesays - Black British Bloggers

Coco Mxnroe – Youtuber, Blogger and MUA.

A well-dressed darling and fellow February girl who i met at the Black Ballad Black Girl Brunch. Charmaine’s platforms display her style, beauty and lifestyle. She was the first Brummie Youtuber i had come across in the city and i’m so grateful for her work. Check out her vlogs, tutorials and especially her video on the Black Ballad Black Girl Brunch, it’s a fave.

Black British Bloggers

IG: coco.mxnroe – Black British Bloggers

Amani –

Amani’s blog focusses on all things lifestyle, travel and mental wellness.  At the event, we both had a little moment figuring out how to categorise our blogs and then ignored everyone else for a little bit when we discovered we were both into travel blogging. We ignored people for a little longer when we realised we had both travelled to Morocco. My favourite aspect about her blog is her self-care and positive self -talk pieces.  Add, she has come from a Clinical Psychologist Assistant background to support her writings. Head round to the blog for some beautiful reads.

Margaret – Moments with M

Any individual with the term ‘Scientist’ in their bio is going to become someone i’m going to pay a lot of virtual attention to. Margaret is that person. She is also that lifestyle, fashion, natural hair and life-loving blogger that you need in your life. Margaret was actually the event planner for the #BBBMixer which is another aspect of her excellences. Check out her blog for more of what she does!

i’m my happiest when our greatness is being recognised. So i’m glad i could use my blog to big up local content creators. Black Women content creators. Look out for more of this. If you know any more bloggers and content creators then tag them in the comment section! Like, comment and share with your peoples and of course, subscribe to my blog for updates and new content. (subscribe via menu tab/ bottom of this page).

Thank you for reading what I write.

Amara Amaryah.

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