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Afropunk London 2016 - a photojournal

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

SD card filled with a proud people. Over-spilling with images of what our version of London looks like, when you give us the space. The permission. It was a good day.

It wasn’t Paris. It couldn’t be. Personally I think there is something in the air over in Paris that brings out the care-free, let me be type vibe that belongs to Afropunk. I don’t know if that exists in London properly. Maybe over time. We are a little too unwilling, slightly closed off for that to exist in full force. (Understandably, Londoners don’t even talk on the tube). I hope we learn over time though.

Meanwhile, Power to the People.

Rise and Raise // afropunk london. 

face one// afropunk london.

glance// afropunk london. 

face two// afropunk london.

my favourites, the grooviest// afropunk london.

blackgirlmagic // afropunk london. 

face three// afropunk london.

faces (the friendliest)// afropunk london. 

face four // afropunk london. 

The inseparable Josette and Caleb// afropunk london. 

Mr Loyle Carner// afropunk london. 

epitome of// afropunk london. 


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