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  • Amara Amaryah

Afropunk Paris Prt.1

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

My first visit to Paris coincided with my first Afropunk experience. As in, my first time being fully surrounded by people who were willing to embrace their blackness loudly coincided with my first time in the delicate Parisian streets. Afropunk Paris less than subtly persuaded that we should dismiss the notion of an ‘alternative’ blackness, a version of blackness which is different. Afropunk seems to remind us that this is just who we are, how we are, when given a space to outwardly express it. Admitedly, pictures do little to show exactly how diverse a people Afropunk attracted. But I hope you get it, we all slayed.

Look out for Afropunk Paris Prt.2 for more documentation of the weekend.

metro shot edit 1.JPG

Black Girls//Metro.

kris and jess.JPG

magic// afropunk.

kristal smile edit 1.JPG

smile black girl// afropunk.

Shine black girl// afropunk.

benny boy edit 1.JPG

squad// afropunk.

unposed goddess// afropunk. IG: leabehalal

favourite two girls edit.JPG

my favourite picture// afropunk.

bag stall edit.JPG

stall// afropunk.

mirrors edit.JPG

market// afropunk.

naomi hands edit 2.JPG

brown// afropunk.

gang edit 2.JPG

afrocentricism// afropunk.

#afropunk #blackwomen #paris #travel


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