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life update | how i have practiced wellness during lockdown

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment.| how I have practiced wellness during lockdown

hello loves

i hope you're doing good, giving yourself hugs and keeping your small joys alive in these strange times. in the three months that we've been in lockdown, my wellness has been my biggest priority. it feels like as a collective we've returned to some of our more primitive ways of being and self-love has a huge part to play in this. as part of my wellness practice, i've been slightly less attached to social media because sometimes it doesn't serve me well. when i am making the choice to share on social media, it is mainly wellness practices and self-care tips (and my never ending 30 day song challenge). it seemed right to break the silence and also share the love here on the upgraded website that i've been quietly working on (do you like it?)

this post is a list of old and new habits that have become a part of my daily practice so that i can show up as the fullest version of myself. enjoy.

daily morning routine

i do all of these things in the morning. i rarely do them all before i start my working day but i get around to all of them during the first few hours of waking up.

  • morning pages - journalling is the primary way that i make sense of my inner thoughts and feelings; it is my favourite form of healing.

  • dream journalling - i know that researchers have suggested that many people are having deep/vivid dreams so keeping a record first thing in the morning has been a good practice

  • morning prayers and gratitude

  • reading - from the bible or another book about inner work.

  • tea - personal ritual

  • dedicated affirmations and vision board time

  • earthing - i have started earthing in the back garden's grassy patch to connect and ground myself and it has done wonders

  • yoga stretches - guided or free flow

  • meditation - guided using the headspace app or just being in breath

  • exercise - at least 10 minutes a few times a week, i am always surprised by how good it feels to release those happy hormones.

throughout the day

  • podcasts - i listen to podcasts while i work from home as opposed to music. i usually listen to passing through, food heaven or hey, girl

  • reading - it's great to actually have uninterrupted time to read books, old journal entries, poetry etc

  • journal prompts - i am trying to make the most of having time for multiple points in the day where i can journal.

  • ocean/nature sounds - very recently, i have started to listen to sounds of the ocean while writing, again, a nice alternative to music and almost satisfies my traveller's sadness.

  • if you are able, take a walk or get some air - i usually walk a few times a week and i try to take another route each time to keep it fresh.

  • take regular dance breaks - very regular.

  • social media - i am not massively strict with my management of social media but i have done a social media detox during lockdown and i do find that not touching my phone/socials until lunchtime works well. i have also found that an evening cut off point works well for me too.

things to pass time

  • invest time in updating your mood and vision boards - i've found that now is a great time to invest in my mood boards. in a way, i am seeing this as an opportunity to revaluate which things matter most, which aspects of life/normality i miss most and so what i will do as soon as legally possible. it has helped to reinforce my priorities. there are things that i have always wanted to do, like my own version of sip and paint. and so i create that because i am still that girl, with that vision, even in lockdown. i try not to be so precious and see how creative i can be with living my best life according to my mood board. i use physical vision boards and also pinterest which is helpful.

  • tap into childhood hobbies - you deserve to and can afford the time.

  • self-care colouring books - i recently ordered this one for some loved ones

  • create a self care plan - i did this in preparation for bad days when i need something to tell me what to do to get lifted again. create a grid and fill each box with something that calms or centres you. i.e. in my plan i added a bath, scents - lavender and incense, uninterrupted poetry time, meditation etc. you can see how redefining ours took to their own version of this grid.

  • organise your day - going with the flow does help on some days but personally, structure helps me feel like i'm moving intentionally and not merely beating boredom. i feel like i have things to do and so i don't have a reason to be bored (gang gang - us lot ruled or co-ruled by saturn). if you're motivated by achieving soft daily tasks to keep you undistracted then think about drafting up a day plan at the start of the day or even the evening before.

  • only consume essential news - and only when you have to.

  • write letters to post to friends and family - i received letters and a care package from my mum and sister when i was isolated at home and it was the most beautiful surprise. ever since i've enjoyed writing letters and returning books to friends with letters and poems inside. this is what i meant about the power of returning to some of our primitive, basic ways.

end of the day

  • prepare a hand-cooked meal - take time and enjoy some good music while you cook.

  • night-time skincare routine - a clean face is the greatest way to end the day.

  • DIY face masks - a nice way to relax with your fave tea or wine and a movie before bed.

  • evening yoga - alternative or addition to morning yoga, remember to breathe.

  • evening pages - i find it useful to put any thoughts down on paper before the end of the day to rest with a clear mind. evening journalling could replace your morning journalling or could be an addition.

  • talk - call someone and talk before bed. if you need to, avoid certain topics and keep the conversation light or if you prefer, vent. just think about who you share your energy with before bed (and always).

  • soothing scents - i am a huge fan of lavender oil. i use it on my clothes before i sleep and on my bed linen for a peaceful rest. find a scent and use a few drops on your clothes, sheets, mix it into your body oil and add some to your bath. a morning wake-up alternative could be putting a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil at the base while you shower for a fresh scent. i buy my essential oils from akoma.

i wish you so much ease as we push through this season. wellness has always been a part of my life so it felt right to share how i've adapted my practice during these times. my biggest advice is take time with yourself during these adjustments, allow yourself to feel. if this post is useful, please share it with someone who might benefit and add your own points. thank you for reading what i write.

Yah bless.

Amara Amaryah.

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