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life update | travel writing, realigning 2 months before 2021 & trusting your gut (your God)

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hello loves.

writing this from as full a place as i can tonight. really excited for this post because there are lots of writing and poetry updates as well an update on my new mindset going into the final 2 months. a renewed way of navigating this year is what i'm going to explore and share. as i write this, i am listening to princess nokia's meditation/open prayer journal. it reminds me (as it always does) that beginning and ending the day in gratitude and prayer is a go-to way to maintain your peace. and if that isn't what we abundantly need going into this phase of life then i just don't know. more of that below but firstly, here is what the last chapter of my 2020 has looked like:


earlier in summer i worked on a poetry fashion film commission which was a beautiful multi-disciplinary project which articulates the story of black women. watch our story here (visuals are outstanding, pre-warning you).

really proud of myself for making it onto the women poets' prize longlist. i was one of 30 poets selected from a list of over 700 amazing writers. very grateful that i could share space on this list with poets i admire and read. check out the longlist here. and check out the shortlist too!

travel writing

big news, i am now a published travel writer! such a wholesome accomplishment for this year. i remember literally drafting up and sending a pitch over whilst at my desk in february 2020. i was manifesting what i wanted the next phase of my life to look like and i just went with it, or towards it. becoming a travel writer was calling me so i took the step and shared my story and now i have a three part commission from my solo travel trip to jamaica. i kid you not, within the first week of updating my vision board i had pitched and was already in conversation about the commission. whew. as if my first travel story features in the first black owned travel magazine! it is more than fitting; check it out here - black explorer magazine.

also, if you've missed it, i am joyfull to bring you in on the new igtv series that i have created with indira ... drinking sunsets is here. this series is a space to catalogue black femme solo travel experiences and has already been so so beautiful. feels good to create space with such a light and welcome other lights into this largely unspoken about travel perspective. the intention is that indira and i will create space to have many open dialogues about what it means to be a black woman solo traveller. check out the episode on solo travelling to cuba and moving to spain. we go live on instagram every two weeks.

pink wall background with magazine. magazine has two black women in red bathing suits in a lagoon, sitting on a rock
pc | black explorer mag

spiritual learnings

so. there are only 2 months left until the end of 2020. it has felt like the longest year ever and yet i am not wishing it away. or working it away. or laying low, or overworking, or making up for, making the most of it, postponing it — i'm literally not doing any of that. the final two months of this year present an opportunity for me to simply focus on maintaining my peace. when you see me breathing deep and turning into more of an introvert, keep it moving. that is all i am doing nowadays, i'm holding to this because there is so little that we have control over, 2020 has taught us this. i feel a need to resist the typical 'make it count' mentality. i don't always ascribe to this, but i do sometimes start thinking about goals, i get reflective and i start thinking about what i've achieved and what i haven't.

me i'm leaving that one this year. this november is one of stillness. kindness to self. belonging in my body and not rushing around in it. in a way, those of us in the uk are going to be spending more time indoors due to the national lockdown. consider it a chance to tap out of the noise of the world and listen to yourself, with more patience. out of all the bends in this strange road called 2020, comes some, oddly, welcome unfamiliarity. imagine it, a goalless end to 2020. not out of fear but instead motivated by being so present and aware of what you need right now. i wrote about my post-lockdown thoughts (now current lockdown routines ha) because i knew that what i learnt would not leave me. it could not. you can also find my writing about the selfcare habits and routines that helped me stay grounded during the first lockdown.

the soundtrack to my life for the next few months is precious by esperanza spalding. [insert image of girl dancing by herself]. alternatively, it could also be try a little tenderness by otis redding (live). you know what, we can even do distance by emily king too.

it can be any track that makes you feel the ease of deep belly breaths, the childish joy of wearing your favourite jumper with hot tea in your favourite mug warming your fingers. i want to have access to my freest self and that is sometimes in the small joys. in my latest full moon newsletter i curate a list of resources to help along with this. if you would like to be added to the list please go 'head and sign up below in time for the next one.

my final point will likely become a blogpost on its own. i encourage you to trust your gut (your god). this season i have done it. scariest thing i ever did in the middle of a pandemic but these are times to be spiritually led, not rationally. i'm learning that being in line with your intuition will lead you to such highs that you cannot even script for yourself. and also, i have noticed that it is not a one-off, it is an ongoing journey of trusting God with your decision making. becoming less attached to things on the way. if this isn't the purpose of scorpio season & a retrograde then

please do advise? self-love, stillness, honouring self and God's guidance is the journey i am on (as always but now in overfill). i hope your journey feels good, i hope your intuition is speaking clearly to you.

thank you for reading what i write. share with a friend and subscribe for love offerings each month.

Yah bless.

Amara Amaryah


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