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poetry | 1000 poems in one year

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry, always poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment.| one thousand poems in one year.

hello loves

so i’m writing about a challenge i am working towards. because i’m pushing all of my boundaries without being intimidated by them. and this year i am going to write one thosand poems in one year.

why the challenge?

i remember speaking to poet joshua judson (favourite) after hearing him perform beautiful poetry at ‘hit the ode’. i basically spoke to him about how i could be him when i grow up. he gave me a reading list and spoke to me about some of the ways i could get into a rhythm of writing poetry. one of those suggestions was writing 1000 poems in one year. i think i attempted it the same week he told me about it because of that impulsive aquarius energy. but my discipline was an issue. plus 2018 was a tough year for poetry and being motivated to write. i had some highs and some performances but i really fell out of love with poetry.

being honest about my poetry

i put that down to not writing everyday. not fillng notebooks. not putting the work in the way i used to. but i’m correcting that. because poetry is my first love. january has been a good month for getting used to my poetry again. being honest about what i am writing about. judging the quality, looking at it critically. and eventually confronting my words and challenging the meaningfulness of what i’ve written. i’m not looking back at pretty words and phonetics, i’m being real and asking ‘amara have you said what you wanted to say?’. we’re living, writing, breathing intentionally this year.

so. that’s what we’re doing. i’m practicing meanigful sharing so you’ll never get the full one thousand poems. but my intention is to write atleast three poems everyday. not even for the book. i share a lot on instagram and pinterest and will be sharing monthly here too. for now, here is a january poem.


if life pretends it does not notice you, when you show up early

with a smile

with a scent

with a sign

from God

and a moment

from your childhood when your mother

doesn’t doubt, doesn’t hear that you might not make it.

remember that just like the earth that pushes back at the weight of you

you are unmistakenly


act like it and grow like it and speak like it when noone is listening.

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Yah bless.

Amara Amaryah

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