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  • Amara Amaryah

Poetry | Black Womxn, Self-Love, Natural Hair at the ‘Naturally Crowned’ Event

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

hello loves

before i begin this post about my poetry readings, i want to discuss what i learnt yesterday at the ‘is the black womxn god?’ event.

Dr. Runoko Rashidi taught me:

‘black was widely recognised as the colour of deification. it was not a colour of mourning as the western world has asked it to be. it was the colour of God. imagine a time when black was the colour of God.’

tell them.

the entire event was filled with reminders to all gathered in the room that we have reason to exalt the black womxn and that she can be found being excellent in all corners of the world. i learnt that we are greatly loved, if even in secret. western understanding of the black womxn has made us out to be less god than we are. i don’t mean God The Most High, i mean Divine. i mean Creator, original womxn. Dr Runoko Rashidi gave a presentation which was ultimately the adoration of black womxn across the world. it made me reevaluate how i speak about myself, reconsider my positioning on this earth.  it was a beautiful gathering and really helped me make sense of myself and my creative energy at the moment which is really focussed on the upliftance of black womxn. speaking directly to, for and about them.

which is where the Bonnie Lush Hair ‘Naturally Crowned Event’ enters the discussion.

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 i will be sharing poetry about self-love, self-celebration and black womxnhood. i cannot wait. Not only will this be my first reading of 2018, but it will also be in the kind of space i prayed that my work would be welcome in. A space dedicated to self-acceptance, natural beauty and blackness.

Remember i made mention of the poetry book that will make me author this year? Well i have been dedicating myself to that mission and will be sharing some poems from my debut poetry collection (which is bound and already a first manuscript and beautiful to me). So it is really  an opportunity to introduce you to my book and invite you to be a part of the journey with me.


The event will be held in  the prestigious Pentahotel Birmingham. It will be an afternoon of empowerment, learning and positive self-talk. Expect to learn about natural, healthy hair-care, enjoy self-care workshops and have access to a selection of black womxn vendors. Speakers include some of the black womxn in Birmingham who have been integral to my understanding of self-love including Annika Spalding and Remani Love. There will also be seminars and tutorials from professional hair-care experts such as Nadine from Bourn Beautiful Naturals UK.  Find the link to the event here. i will also be documenting the day so you’ll get the story here on the blog! Come and support black womxn anyway though x

Thank you for reading what i write.

Amara Amaryah.

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