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poetry | letter to my 23 year old self

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry, always poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment.| letter to my 23 year old self. 

you taught me that i am able to manifest everything that i deeply need. when i trust it in prayer. i learnt that magic can become reality if i believe it to be so and i learnt to listen. to my self and to my God. i am sure that any other year i might have crumbled under the pressure of the lessons of 22. but i didn’t. because this was the first year of a tradition of divine strength and alignment. it was an introduction. an insight into how to be so kind to myself. how to speak like i am proud of myself. 22 was a good time to have good ideas. and to let myself see how full i can be. naturally. undoubtedly. intuitively. and this intuition of mine has been sacred. at 22 i decided with conviction to treat it like the one thing that i need. drag myself closer. fling my doubts further. 

22 was a year of deep peace. love. adjustment. pause. testing. more pause. dismissing fear. showing up. self love. shameless self-indulgence. and being brave enough to keep it going. it was not easy but it was very joyful and very easy to remember the hardships with softness.

twenty three.

welcome. i am so proud to be here in this version of myself. myself and my God have designed something truly unimaginable. i am exquisite and this year i act like it.

i welcome myself to this chapter with more honesty than i can hold in my mouth. i welcome this chapter with my intentions already memorised. this year i am glorious and walking into rooms with an energy that is mine. the peace never leaves me. the understanding never leaves me. the patience never leaves me. my intentionality will be a second nature and i will hear myself. this is a year of living young, allowing myself to take risks. being a young goddess, learning and bold and beautiful and okay with making mistakes. making way for my highest self on a normal day. 

i have little to say. i want to take the blank canvas today, meet it in a years time and find no clear spaces. i want the canvas to be full. overwhelmed with experience. i want to go where i did not know existed, meet with the Creator in ways i have not known possible. i want to be deeply myself so that it feels like my soul can melt back into all of my fibers again. i want to feel more spirit than flesh. more peoms. more prayers. more manifestations. i want to be at ease in this changing version of myself. every morning i will expect nothing, but to be full. to leave the day full. 23, you will be what i have never said out loud that i needed. i can feel it, you will start a beautiful tradition in me. something impossible to forget.

Asé. Amen.

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Yah bless. 

Amara Amaryah.

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