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  • Amara Amaryah

Poetry | self-made sista circles.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

hello loves

i’m in a sharing mood. it’s been a while since i’ve shared any poetry. i want to. here is something that i am rehearsing and filling my flat with in preparation for the Naturally Crowned Event this saturday. a poem, from the first manuscript.

These self-made sista circles are Indestructible You know. Inimitable Impenetrable Bullet proof. Shatterproof. That is what upsets and confuses the world. How, Can something So age-old Last so long Work so well. Speak so loudly and in a language so misunderstood But replicated Copied Plagiarised Discredited | mispronounced. We built this, With sweat and spit flying from our wide laughing black woman mouths this sistahood did not fall into place, Gracefully, It drifted naturally But We made this. Concrete sanctuary with honeycomb walls Soft and delicate and good for us On the inside. Hard and uninviting on the outside. You are not welcome here. Me and my sisters, we are at home In each other And pretending not to hear you banging down our doors.

-these self-made sista circles are erupting.

ra ra bl


ra ra lll

 black woman portrait | shining, while in darkness

Thank you for reading what i write.

Amara Amaryah.

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