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poetry | upcoming shows + cosmopoetica poetry festival

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry, always poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment.| poetry updates and cosmopoetica.

hi loves.

there has been so much going on in my life poetry wise. i wanted to put a post together sharing all the things i’ve been up to. showing up purely to celebrate and catch you up on anthology publications, online publications, hippodrome young poets showcase, international poetry gigs… to name a few things that 2019 has blessed me with.

HYP showcase at the hippodrome |

the hippodrome young poets experience has been something quite special. not only because i’ve shared a stage with some of the city’s best poets. but also because in six months i’ve been able to see my growth as a poet. i’ve really seen my interests in page and form develop and i’ve tried things i’ve always wanted to but never known how. and now there is a whole ass anthology with my name and writing to stand testament to it. quite a win.

cosmopoetica poet
hippodrome young poets

she published.

a published poet |

i’ve been published in verve poetry press’ poetry jam anthology before and it was a beautiful achievement. in 2019 we go again, this time with the anthology that verve published for HYP – ’30 synonyms for emerging’. the title was a little joke we had between ourselves, never thought it would make it to the front cover but here we are.

i’ve also had my poem published on the burning house online publication. head over to read my poem ‘the sun who stole my secret to raise me’ in the september issue. also flick through the other poems and pieces, so much richness came out of the theme ‘altered states’.

cosmopoetica poetry festival |

my time as an invited poet at the cosmopoetica poetry festival has been the best moment of 2019 so far. i was invited to the 16th edition of cordoba’s literary festival of poetry as a british poet. made a lot of friends, spoke a lot of spanish and had my best poems translated and received with so much appreciation.

cosmopoetica festival

còrdoba, 30.09.19

some of my favourite moments in Cordoba came from the fact that all my favourite things were aligning and connecting me in purpose. i was 1) travelling (for free!) and 2) poetry had taken me there and 3) i was connecting with new people and speaking in spanish (it has always felt better than english for me?) and 4) featuring as an international poet at an established festival. you can catch a snippet of my set here (skip to 2:00) and read about my reflection here.

upcoming poetry readings |

if you’re around in brum this month you can catch me reading words as a support artist at one of my favourite poetry people’s debut book launch – Adrain B. Earle (ThinkWriteFly). really glad i met Adrian. he will always be the coolest and most collected person in the room. it won’t take you long to realise that he is also the most intellectual too, and yet still makes space for your voice. come support my fellow HYP poet and immerse yourself in his latest book 5000 hertz, published by burning eye books. additional perk: Kibriya will also be supporting (another HYP poet) and i am secretly unprepared because she is a favourite poet (i’ve told her) and will become your favourite poet too. the launch is at the warehouse cafe from 3pm on saturday 19 october.


smiling from the gut, with my heart and eyes because i deserve it.

and now you’re all caught up. thank you for reading what i write. my manifestation is that i’ll have at least one more big piece of news to share by the end of 2019. so i’m inviting that news now. head over for more poetry on the blog if you’re in that mood (always).

Amara Amaryah.

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