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travel | my first travel bucket list

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Amara Amaryah | travel + books + poetry, always poetry. a platform for story-telling, visuals, positive self-talk and empowerment. UK blogger | my travel bucket list.

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i’m back into the full swing of work and it’s not coincidental that i’ve started thinking about future travel getaways. i’m grateful for work (and income wow) but it’s something about january in the UK… in this post, i’m sharing my first ever travel bucketlist. this is a list of the countries and cities that speak loudest to me. it’s also a list of experiences i would like to have, cultures i would like to lock in my memory and fears i would like to face.

travel blog

travel bucket list| pc. @rakeemomar

making a travel bucket list

i made my travel bucket list based off a few considerations. i considered the places that i deeply want to visit. as in, if everyone bails, i’m still travelling to any one of those places. for me, it’s important to not get caught up in trends and travel destinnations of the moment. i mean, don’t ignore the trends. because you can catch some serious deals when a place suddeny becomes a key travel destination (hi croatia, hi dubai). i think it’s important to go where your spirit will be excited; always just go and see what it is you’re supposed to.

i also ignored the fear and doubt when making my list. at this present moment in time i don’t actually plan on visiting every country in the world. it’s not an aspiration of mine. there are actually a few places that i don’t want to visit at all. but there isn’t a country that is dangerous enought to frighten me out of booking a flight. i’m travelling, i’m facing my fears – i’m being safe but i’m not being scared out of seeing this world that God gave us.

finally, a travel bucket list is a good way to organise yourself. this bucket list is a reminder and a way to help you see your vision through to the end. it’s not a deadline! there is no time limit on my travel bucket list- there’s no pressure at all. but if i do have the option to travel somewhere then i can let my travel bucket list inform my decision. not my budget, not my friends and not my expectations. ‘the money will come back around again, the experience may not’. treat this travel bucket list as a gentle reminder to live the life you want.

the travel bucket list as it stands…

Senegal (Dakar, Saint Louis and Goree firstly!)














Indonesia- Bali













additions to a travel bucket list |

with each travel destination you add to your bucket list, i challenge you to make a list of experiences you must have. here are some of mine:

  1. speak the language, even if you just say ‘thank you’ until you’re sick of the word.

  2. if you’re travelling with fiends, take the morning off to roam by yourself.

  3. create a tradition, a certain thing you collect.

  4. eat at a restaurant recommended by a local

  5. go on an excursion you never thought you would

  6. go to a festival abroad

  7. take language classes in the country

  8. take pubic transportation

  9. speak to the locals and have meaningful conversations

  10. consciously choose a few times on the trip to put the camera down

  11. now pick the camera up and take a pictue just for you. not for Instagram or anyone else but you.

  12. send a postcard! especially if you’re away long enough

  13. go to a street party

  14. drive in the country you’re visiting

  15. inspire people! go with confidence and inspire while the country inspires you

  16. encourage others to make their own bucketlists!

eventually i would like to add 5 more scary things to my list:

  1. book a one way ticket

  2. (learn to) swim in the ocean

  3. travel to a new place alone for months and become confident with the land.

  4. write a complete poetry book while travelling.

  5. buy a house somewhere outside the UK.

thanks for reading what i write. subscribe to never miss a post. also, which places are in your travel bucket list? comment below or on instagram.

Yah Bless.

Amara Amaryah.

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