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Amara Amaryah is a poet and travel writer of Jamaican descent. Her poetry asks questions about generational traditions, blackness, spirit and becoming woman. As a Caribbean woman born and raised in Britain, her writings are also interested in voice - often voicelessness - and reclamations of identity through definitions of home. She has both published and performed her poetry nationally and internationally. 

Since graduating with an English Literature degree, Amara has taken to documenting her travel stories through journals and photography.  She now writes for travel publications and creates travel content from the perspective of a young black wanderer. 


She is travelling, reading and writing as often as she can, whilst working as a social media marketer. Amara's debut poetry pamphlet will be published in 2021 with Bad Betty Press. 

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Amaryah - Hebrew for spoken of Yah. 

i.e. for Amara, poetry is a way to speak from spirit and borrow from Yah (God).